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Dealing with fast weight loss programs and surgeries for teenagers

Adolescence is a time of great pressure for a person. This is the period in one’s life when a person must be able to adjust to a lot of different things in the environment and be able to cope with the new things that are coming into their lives.

In addition to the usual changes in the body’s chemical and hormonal compositions, a teenager also need to cope with the pressures in the family, in the school and in their social group. Most kids find the last one the hardest to deal with.

Social groups, kids with almost the same age range, can be really cruel if they want to. Stories of bullying and ostracism are not untrue. These things really happen in every middle school and high school in the country. There are people who are popular and there are those who are popularly bullied and made fun of.

In most social groups, the need to be part of the select group of popular kids or just be accepted by the majority is one of the major achievements in these periods of their lives. Unfortunately, much of the acceptance and the ostracism involve the looks.

This is perhaps the reason why people, especially the young are so much into their looks. Ultimately, they don’t really want to have slim bodies. They don’t really want to diet. They just want to be accepted and they see dieting as their ticket inside the select social group that they are craving to belong to.

This is also the reason why more and more kids are developing eating disorders and a lot of them are undergoing surgeries. Most are into different kinds of diet programs that guarantee them slimness in less than a month. Although these procedures do work, when taken to the extreme, these can be mighty dangerous. In the long run, not only will they be destroying their bodies and their health but also their lives.

The roles of parents are therefore important in this instance. They are the ones who need to show their teenagers the right way, to guide them so that they will make the right choices.
One way to do this is to show your understanding and your support. Most parents often oppose the choices of their kids.

Because of this, their kids no longer confide or tell them what they are thinking about or what is going on in their lives. You may not like what your teeners to do the things that they do; but at least by knowing, you are able to put limits on their behavior. There is a lot that “being aware” can do.

If you cannot really stop them and they are really decided; then support them with their decision. Accompany them in shopping for a surgical doctor. Tell them the pros and the cons. Maybe, you can manage to dissuade them.

Children can be logical and rational when they want to. They just need the right kind of information fed to them. Another way to help them is to make sure that they are aware of the choices that they are making. Losing weight fast can be a dangerous thing. Let them read literature on the dangers of losing weight fast. Tell them the dangers of surgeries and going under the knife. Let them see picture of people who have gone under the knife and have their surgeries backfire.


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