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Supplementing Teen Weight Loss

It is getting easier for teenagers today to put on weight. There are a number of reasons that make this possible. One of them is the popularity of fast food chains as the main source of daily nourishment for most of teenagers.

To say the least, the kind of food that such establishments provide can really be fattening. And they can not provide the kind of balanced nourishment required by growing teens. But sad to say, in this generation of convenience and busier lifestyle, fast food chains have become an ideal choice especially for the parents who might not find the time to prepare meals for their children.

When you realize that your teen is getting fatter and putting up more and more weight, you have to act early in order to prevent it from getting worse. An overweight teen can easily acquire a number of life threatening conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and increased risk of strokes. Early action would usually help in preventing such conditions from developing in your child as he or she grows. There are a number of solutions available to help your lose that excess weight.

You can put your overweight teen on a diet to help him or her get rid of that excess weight. A healthy diet combined with regular exercise is essential to a healthy way of losing weight. You can also give him or her weight loss supplements that will further help in maintaining a healthy means of getting rid of that excess weight. One of the supplements that your teen can possibly take is calcium.

Most people are not aware that weight loss diets may sometimes affect the amount of nutrients that the body gets. Some diets may promise quick weight loss but may not be giving the body with the essential nutrients that it needs, especially the bones. Calcium and other nutrients are sometimes in low supply during periods of dieting which may lead to increased chances of developing conditions such as osteoporosis.

Parents should be aware that dieting may lead to a low supply in calcium in their teens. They should be able to provide their children with a variety of calcium and other supplements so that the dieting teens would still be getting all the essential nutrients they need to grow and develop. And not only that, essential nutrients such as calcium may even aid your teenager in losing excess weight. There have been numerous studies that show that calcium may help in reducing body fat.

The reason for this is because calcium is a known fat burner. Diets with a healthy amount of calcium seem to favor burning rather than storing fat in the body. Calcium in the body is stored in fat cells and this plays an important role in fat storage and breakdown. Calcium may be able to change the efficiency of losing weight. Further studies have shown that dieters with the highest overall calcium intake experience losing more weight, and the people with the lowest calcium intake had the highest percentage of body fat.

When overall calorie consumption is taken into consideration, it not only helps keep a person's weight in check, but it can also be associated specifically with substantial decreases in body fat. A low daily calcium intake is associated with greater tendency to gain weight, particularly in adolescent girls and adult women.


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