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Teen weight loss: Taking it slowly is still the best

According to recent studies more kids nowadays are mild to severely overweight. The 1999-2000 National health survey indicates that 15 % of children and teens are overweight.

The figure is nearly double that what was recorded a decade or so ago. Some blame their present lifestyle while others blame the lack of discipline in teens nowadays. Regardless of the reasons, teen weight problems are real.

But unlike weight loss programs for adults, teen weight loss programs are a little tricky since such programs when left uncheck can be potentially dangerous for their health. Because of the potential danger, dietitian and nutrition experts approach the subject with caution.

The basic problem with teen weight loss is that their bodies are still growing and developing and cutting down food intake will greatly influence their growth. It is therefore important that diet programs for teens should cover all their nutritional needs.

For teenagers, they generally need to grasp some basic concepts about eating right. If they eat too little, their health will be put at risk. But similarly, if they eat more that they should, the extra food turns into body fat causing weight issues. Teenagers should learn to eat food less with saturated fats.

These foods include those fried in fat and oil like fried chicken, burgers, potato chips, french fries, potato chips and other fatty meat. Meanwhile, they also should avoid foods that are high in fat and sugar contents like cakes, chocolates, butter, cream, peanut butter, pies, cookies, and generally any sweets and sweet based desserts.

A lot of diet programs claim to be the best solutions for over weight teens. These claims generally revolve around two basic concepts: the right diet and regular exercise. In reality, the quickest and easiest way for teens to loose weight is still the having the right diet and right exercise. Teens should always avoid diet pills.

Most of the kids or teens today eat fast foods, get exceedingly large food portions and are really extremely lazy lacking the necessary activities to build a healthy body. Simple outdoor activities for teens can help them loose some of their excess body weight. When you cut grass use a push mower, for example. Engage in activities like playing Frisbee which would help you exercise without even realizing it.

There's really no quick way to loose weight. You need to work the excess fat off your body. It is the right combination of diet and exercise which will help you loose weight. But the problem with dieting and exercising is keeping motivated and goal oriented. Kids find dieting intimidating and regular exercise boring.

This is why full family support is necessary if you want your kids to loose some weight. You need to keep your kids and teens motivated. Encourage them and help them overcome their cravings by cooking, serving and eating the same food diets that they eat. Get them to be more active. If they find regular exercises boring, join them in other activities such as sports.

Teach them what to look for when they eat outdoors. Tell them the benefits of foods and teach them how to read food labels. You may be able to control their diet while they stay home but when they go outside and eat with friends, then you might have a problem. It is therefore important in any diet to implant a sense of self discipline and pride in what they do.


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